Branding Discovery

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Think virtual coffee date session x branding brainstorming conversation 

The Branding Discovery Session is a 30-min video call  conversation with me (highly advise that we both have a cup of coffee and/or margarita)  where we do a quick-dive to discuss the brand inspiration of your business and why you are seeking to create a brand or recreate a brand that you already have. 


We dive into your brand’s story, inspiration, history and audience — what has worked in the past and what hasn’t.


The idea of a brand discovery is for me, as the branding designer, to retrieve as much information as possible about your visual inspiration and aesthetic. As the name suggests, we are exploring your brand in order to discover the best visual approach to truly bring out the soul of your brand in a way that truly inspires you to create more. 


Questions that a brand discovery answers

  • How would you describe your brand’s visual history?

  • If someone was to describe your new brand or website design, what words would you like them to use? (eg. clean, trendy, classic, simple, elegant, crafty…)

  • What direction would you like to see the branding visuals take?

  • Are there any parts of your current brand that are untouchable?

  • Are there any elements you wish to replace, or completely leave behind?

  • What are your goals for this branding project? What do you want to get out of this process?


After this meeting, I create a tailor designed proposal for your specific needs and rest of the branding process begins. Looking forward to talking with you soon!

  • You are just starting your business, and right away you know you want a beautiful and strong brand identity to start things off with a bang. You have a firm grasp of your brand and a good idea of your vision; you just need someone to help you fine-tune it and bring it all to life.

  • You’re just starting your business, and you’re pumped! You know exactly what services you want to offer and who your target audience is, but beyond the facts and figures you’re lost. You have no clue how to build a memorable and solid brand and you really don't want to learn the ins and outs of fancy design programs.

  • You’ve considered DIYing your design, but you don’t want the hassle of learning design programs while there are so many other parts of your business that need attention. If you did take the time to DIY your branding, you’re wondering if you’ll be unhappy with the bandaid solution you put together and need a rebrand too soon down the road.

  • You have experience designing (you might even be a designer!), but you’re struggling with being objective in the design process and cutting through a clutter of ideas. You need someone who will guide you through the process with an unbiased, objective point of view.

  • You’ve been DIYing without long-lasting success. You can’t figure out how to get your branding just right, so you're stuck in the cycle of designing, discarding, redesigning. Your constant rebranding is noticeably (and negatively) affecting the success of your business. You need someone else to take the wheel and give you a sleek, professional brand identity that has the longevity to grow with your business for a long time to come.

  • You have an awesome logo and branding in place, and up until now you’ve taken care of designing all the collateral for your business. You’re getting exponentially busier with clients and business upkeep that you need to start outsourcing design work to someone who can keep things looking cohesive and consistent with your branding.